Here is a collection of recent 2022 Quarter 4 IELTS Writing Part 2 test questions (Essay) from the Internet. These questions appeared in IELTS Academic and IELTS General exams in October 2022, November 2022, and December 2022. — Writing 2 #1826

In some countries, small town-center shops are going out of business because people tend to drive to large out-of-town stores. As a result, people without cars have limited access to out-of-town stores, which may increase the use of cars.

Do you think the disadvantages of this change outweigh its advantages?

Type: Argument
Topic: Transport 📖
Exam date: Dec 2022

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Some people think that robots are very important to human's future development, while others believe they are dangerous and negatively affect society.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Type: Argument
Topic: Media and Technology  📖
Exam date: Dec 2022

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Some think that too much money has been spent looking after and repairing old buildings, so we should knock down old buildings and build modern ones instead.
To what extent do you agree/disagree?

Type: Argument
Topic: Places  📖
Exam date: Dec 2022

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The noise level around us is constantly increasing and affecting the quality of our lives.

What causes the noise? What should be done about it?

Type: Problem and Solution
Topic: Environment  📖
Exam date: Dec 2022

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