Here are interesting words and collocations to use in your answers for IELTS topics where you should describe a person — Person and Personality vocabulary.


Person description vocab — List of words and collocations

adventurous (adj)
all things to all people (adj)
backseat driver
broad-minded (adj)
diligent (adj)
early bird (n)
easy-going (adj)
laid-back (adj)
life and soul of the party (n)
night owl (n)
painfully shy (adj)
quick-tempered (adj)
social butterfly (n)

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Person and Personality vocab — Explanations & Examples

adventurous (adj) — willing to try new or difficult things
As we have little kids, we're not normally very adventurous when choosing our holidays.

Idioms and collocations
all things to all people (adj) — try to do things that will please everyone
Frankly, I can't explain why my sister try to be all things to all people.

Idioms and collocations
backseat driver — a person who gives unwanted advice or criticism, or tries to control something that is supposed to be controlled by another person
It drives me bananas, when someone act as a backseat driver when I'm working.

broad-minded (adj) — willing to accept behavior or beliefs that are different from your own
The desire for understanding is the first step toward being broad-minded and wise.

diligent (adj) — careful and using a lot of effort
My second and third children are diligent and well organized.

Idioms and collocations
early bird (n) — a person who gets up or arrives early
I'm definitely not an early bird, I just can't get up before 8am.

easy-going (adj) — relaxed and not easily upset or worried
My son is very calm and easy-going.

laid-back (adj) — easy-going, behave in a calm relaxed way
Nothing worries him, he's probably the most laid-back person I've ever known.

Idioms and collocations
life and soul of the party (n) — someone who is energetic and funny and at the centre of activity during social occasions
My boss is a really great guy and he is always the life and soul of the party.

Idioms and collocations
night owl (n) — person who prefers to be awake and active at night
I'm a night owl, I can easily work till 3am, but in that case I should sleep till 10, at least.

painfully shy (adj) — very shy
When I was a kid I was painfully shy. It was a disaster for me when I had to call to strangers by telephone.

quick-tempered (adj) — easily made angry
Before having children my wife was quick-tempered but now she's become noticeably patient.

social butterfly (n) — person who is socially dynamic, networking, charismatic, and personally gregarious
She's always been a social butterfly! She just love all that meetings and parties!


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