Here is a collection of recent 2021 quarter 2 IELTS Speaking Part 3 test questions from the Internet. These questions appeared in IELTS Academic and IELTS General exams in April 2021, May 2021, and June 2021. — Speaking 3 #1384
  1. What do people use to take photos now?
  2. Do you think photographers are artists?
  3. Why is photography important in today's society?
  4. How important is it to have a camera on a smartphone?
  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking a photo with a phone?
  6. Do you think paper photos have more value than digital ones? Why?
  7. What are the improvements the latest technologies have brought in photography?

Topic: Media and Technology 📖   Exam date: May 2021 — Speaking 3 #1382
  1. What qualities should an ideal teacher have?
  2. Should teachers be funny when they teach students?
  3. What do you think the most important academic skills or practical skills?
  4. What is the best age for children to start learning something?
  5. What can the older and younger generations learn from each other?
  6. What skills do people take a long time to learn? Why?

Topic: Education 📖   Exam date: May 2021 — Speaking 3 #1361
  • Do people in your country like to visit others' homes?
  • In your country what do people do when they visit others?
  • Are gifts necessary when visiting others?
  • What kind of place do people in your country like to live in?
  • What are the differences between the homes in the city and those in the suburbs?

Topic: Places 📖   Exam date: Apr 2021 — Speaking 3 #1360
  • What do you mostly do on a computer?
  • How have computers changed the World?
  • Have computers made our life easier? Why?
  • Do you think that using a computer every day has more negative than positive effects on children? Why?
  • Do you think that older people struggle with the use of modern electronic technology? How can we help them?

Topic: Media and Technology 📖   Exam date: Apr 2021 — Speaking 3 #1353
  1. How does art help in life?
  2. Do you think children can benefit from going to art galleries?
  3. What is the importance of the arts in Early Childhood Development?
  4. Do you think people have different ideas about art? Why?
  5. Why do some people like to collect famous paintings?
  6. Do you think that artwork, such as paintings, sculptures, and handicrafts, can fill people's spiritual need for beauty? Why?

Topic: Entertainment 📖   Exam date: Apr 2021 — Speaking 3 #1352
  • What are the most popular jobs in your country?
  • What occupations are children more likely to choose?
  • Do people regret their career choices when they're old?
  • Do children like to choose the same profession as their parents?
  • What are other factors, besides money, should people consider when choosing a career path?

Topic: Work 📖   Exam date: Apr 2021 — Speaking 3 #1311
  • Do people in your country like to make new friends?
  • In your country how do people make friends?
  • What are some of the different ways friends are often reunited?
  • In what ways are social media useful for reuniting people?
  • Do people in your country like to keep in touch with their childhood friends?
  • What factors make it difficult to keep in touch with friends?

Topic: Family and Friends 📖   Exam date: Apr 2021 — Speaking 3 #1310
  1. Is a backpack practical in life?
  2. Why do children need to have the same bags?
  3. Why do you think women like to buy bags?
  4. Why are some people willing to buy expensive bags?
  5. These days many women are spending more on a handbag than a holiday or even a car, why?
  6. What's the future of bags? Will they change?

Topic: Style 📖   Exam date: Apr 2021

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