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Common vocab β€” List of words and collocations

a degree of smth (n)
a drop in the ocean
a no-brainer (n)
adequate (adj)
adorable (adj)
ask around
awareness of (n)
be far from
be into smth
cut back on
detest (v)
disgusting (adj)
dog's life
egregious (adj)
enticing (adj)
explicitly (adv)
extensive (adj)
far-fetched (adj)
fascinating (adj)
get along [with someone]
get rid of
give or take
give up (v)
go for smth
goes without saying
handy (adj)
have a spring in your step
have the time of smb life
heatedly debated
household name
inevitably (adv)
is not rocket science
let alone
ludicrous (adj)
necessity (n)
neglect (v)
next to nothing
objective [of smth] (n)
outrageous (adj)
pie in the sky
plethora of (n)
possess (v)
quantify (v)
reign supreme (v)
roughly (adv)
see eye to eye on smth
sink or swim
substantive (adj)
ubiquitous (adj)
under the microscope
utilize (v)
vital (adj)

Common vocab β€” Explanations & Examples

Idioms and collocations
a degree of smth (n) β€” a certain level or amount of smth (to a degree = to an extent)
Freelancers can encounter a degree of isolation.

Idioms and collocations
a drop in the ocean β€” a very small amount compared with what's needed
They launch some good campaigns to protect the environment, but it is still a drop in the ocean.

Idioms and collocations
a no-brainer (n) β€” easy decision (informal)
It was cheaper and closer to the beach, so it was a no-brainer that we chose this apartment.

adequate (adj) β€” satisfactory or acceptable in quality or quantity (enough or appropriate)
I believe that in the nearest future we'll be able to find solar panels at an adequate price.

adorable (adj) β€” cute, charming, lovely (usually for people and animals)
Children always love these cute and adorable puppies and kittens.

Idioms and collocations
ask around β€” enquire of different people about something
If you ask around, I'm sure 90% of people will say this.

awareness of (n) β€” having knowledge about
Governments should support campaigns which rise awareness of the dangers of sedentary lifestyle.

Idioms and collocations
be far from β€” not at all
However, I was far from disappointed, the weather was fantastic!

Idioms and collocations
be into smth β€” like very much or to be interested in
I'm really into traveling, I can't stay at home more then six month.

Idioms and collocations
cut back on β€” reduce smth
I usually try to cut back on nonessential expenses.

detest (v) β€” dislike intensely (for everything, not only for food)
I truly detest fast food, especially burgers.

disgusting (adj) β€” extremely unpleasant, bad, terrible
I don't like when people smell the disgusting smells of cigarettes!

Idioms and collocations
dog's life β€” a very unhappy and difficult life
My friend told me he led a dog's life in the army.

egregious (adj) β€” outstanding (most usually in a negative fashion)
It was probably the most egregious error in my life.

enticing (adj) β€” attractive
It was a really enticing opportunity.

explicitly (adv) β€” in a clear and detailed manner, leaving no room for confusion or doubt
I believe banks should describe explicitly how much a client will pay for their credit.

extensive (adj) β€” covering or affecting a large area; big and wide
There was an extensive garden near the house.

far-fetched (adj) β€” implausible, impossible to believe, unnatural
I have a theory, but it might sound a bit far-fetched.

fascinating (adj) β€” very good, charming, impressive
She's a fascinating person.

Idioms and collocations
get along [with someone] β€” when people enjoy each other's company and don't have big hassles
I have always gotten along with my fellow colleagues.

Idioms and collocations
get rid of β€” remove something that you do not want any longer
I was very relieved when we got rid of this unnecessary stuff.

Idioms and collocations
give or take β€” more or less (or apart from smth)
(1) Five thousand people came, give or take a few hundred. (2) The result will be published in 3 hours, give or take.

Idioms and collocations
give up (v) β€” stop trying
Sports teaches children not to give up.

Idioms and collocations
go for smth β€” prefer smth, choose smth
In such cases I always try to go for quality instead of quantity.

Idioms and collocations
goes without saying β€” is clear without being said
Of course, it goes without saying that people should be paid for the extra hours they work.

handy (adj) β€” convenient; convenient for use; useful
We found it handy for our son to have a cellular phone.

Idioms and collocations
have a spring in your step β€” have enthusiasm, energy or a positive outlook or cheerful attitude
He is always positive and has a spring in his step, everybody just love him.

Idioms and collocations
have the time of smb life β€” have a wonderful time
I had the time of my life on that holidays.

Idioms and collocations
heatedly debated β€” it was an angry discussion
This question has been heatedly debated for the last decade.

Idioms and collocations
household name β€” something everyone knows
Nike has become a household name.

inevitably (adv) β€” impossible to avoid or prevent
Being on the beach at noon without sun protection inevitably leads to sunburn.

Idioms and collocations
is not rocket science β€” is not difficult to understand
Getting in good shape is not rocket science, it's just about regular physical exercise.

Idioms and collocations
let alone β€” to say nothing of; not to mention (to emphasize the improbability of a contrasting example); moreover
I don't have enough money for a new smartphone, let alone a new car.

ludicrous (adj) β€” ridiculous; absurd
It is ludicrous that some people like watching ads on TV.

necessity (n) β€” smth that is required
Being a patient person is a necessity if you have children.

neglect (v) β€” to disuse, to ignore
We should not neglect to follow these simple rules to protect our environment.

Idioms and collocations
next to nothing β€” almost nothing
It says a lot about our society that teachers get paid next to nothing while some celebrities do next to nothing and get paid millions.

objective [of smth] (n) β€” goal
The objective of 100% clean energy can be achieved only in coordination with the government.

off-putting β€” unpleasant; makes you feel you don't wanna get involved again
The staff was slightly aggressive, which I find very off-putting.

outrageous (adj) β€” shockingly bad or excessive
The ticket prices are outrageous, however I hope to visit that place someday.

Idioms and collocations
pie in the sky β€” impossible/unlikely idea or plan;
Ideally what I would like to see would be free sport activities, but I guess that's a bit pie in the sky at the moment.

plethora of (n) β€” a lot of
Today, there are plethora of ways to study computer programming.

possess (v) β€” have
I believe that any person should possess a sense of humour.

quantify (v) β€” to measure or judge the size or amount of smth
It is difficult to quantify happiness.

Idioms and collocations
reign supreme (v) β€” is the most important or powerful element in a situation or period of time
These days, Google reigns supreme as a search engine on the Internet.

roughly (adv) β€” approximately
Her shoes matched the dress, and made her roughly six feet tall.

Idioms and collocations
see eye to eye on smth β€” agree on something and have one point of view
Different camps of scientists do not see eye to eye on the issue of climate change.

Idioms and collocations
sink or swim β€” you succeed or fail completely by your own efforts
When we started the business, it was sink or swim.

substantive (adj) β€” having real importance or value
There is no substantive evidence for the efficacy of these drugs.

ubiquitous (adj) β€” found everywhere
Electric cars haven't become ubiquitous yet, but I believe this will happen in the nearest future.

Idioms and collocations
under the microscope β€” being watched and examined very carefully
The whole transportation system should be put under the microscope before the modernization.

utilize (v) β€” make use of
I believe that alternative energy sources such as wind power might be utilized more effectively.

Idioms and collocations
vital (adj) β€” essential; absolutely necessary or important
It is vital that people pay more attention to the pollution issues now.


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