Here are interesting words and collocations to use in your answers for IELTS topics about Education and Studying.


Education vocab — List of words and collocations

bookworm (n)
curriculum (n)
face-to-face classes (n)
humanities (n)
immerse (v)
intensive course (n)
natural affinity for (n)
pique your interest
prestigious university
revise (v)
scholarship (n)
tuition fees (n)
up-to-date knowledge

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Education vocab — Explanations & Examples

bookworm (n) — someone who like reading and spend a lot of time on it
In my school time I was kind of a bookworm.

curriculum (n) — group of subjects studied in a school, college, etc.
Schools must include environment studies in their curriculum.

Idioms and collocations
face-to-face classes (n) — traditional way of studying (opposite to e-learning or distance learning)
When I was a kid, face-to-face classes had no alternatives, but now you can find online courses and individual tuition for absolutely any subject.

humanities (n) — studies about culture, such as literature, languages, history (opposite to sciences).
My daughter excels in humanities, but math is difficult for her.

immerse (v) — involve oneself deeply in a particular activity
The best way of studying any foreign language is to immerse to the language environment.

Idioms and collocations
intensive course (n) — a course with lots of training in order to reach a goal in as short time
I'm taking an intensive course on the e-learning platform DataCamp.

natural affinity for (n) — Natural attraction to something
Some people possess a natural affinity for languages.

Idioms and collocations
pique your interest — to make you feel interested in something or someone
The tour of the hospital piqued her interest in studying medicine.

Idioms and collocations
prestigious university — university that has high status and reputation
Many young people want to study in a prestigious university, but it might be not affordable for them.

revise (v) — study or read something again in order to remember it better, often before exams
Before a job interview candidates should revise the basics knoledges about their working area.

scholarship (n) — money (often given by the institution themselves) to support a student while studying
If you have good grades many colleges offer you scholarship.

Idioms and collocations
tuition fees (n) — the money paid for a course of study
In that country the higher education is free, without any tution fees.

Idioms and collocations
up-to-date knowledge — incorporating the latest developments and trends
I prefer to have up-to-date knowledge in my area.


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