These are the must-know cohesion structures, which you can use on your IELTS Speaking exam to achieve 7 or higher in Fluency and Cohesion.


As well (as)...

= In addition (to).

Use to add ideas.

Examples with 'As well (as)...'

I like jogging in summer as well as skiing in winter.

Apples are really healthy. And they are delicious as well.

I guess my face paled with disappointment; perhaps with anger as well.

Political decisions in this country are unreasoned as well as ineffective.



Compared to (Compared with)

Use 'Compared with' (British style) or 'Compared to' (American style) to show the differences between smth.

Examples with 'Compared to (Compared with)'

Compared with war, diplomacy is relatively cheap.

Dark chocolate has the least amount of calories compared to milk.

I'm a 100% introvert compared to my roommate.

Today's education is really poor compared to what we got in our school time.


First and foremost

'First and foremost' means first of all, primarily, to begin with.

Examples with 'First and foremost'

Environmental protection is a shared responsibility, which first and foremost falls to the Governments of the richest countries.

First and foremost you need a lot of patience if you want to be a good parent.

— 'Why not get a more lucrative job?' — 'First and foremost, because I really like what I’m doing.'


Nevertheless / Nonetheless

Use nevertheless and nonetheless with the meaning "despite what has just been said or referred to".

Simply, it is a synonym of However.

Using a comma with Nevertheless

Put a comma after neverthelessnonetheless when it is the first word in a sentence.  

Examples with 'Nevertheless / Nonetheless'

All children love computer games. Nevertheless, I believe parents should control the content of the games they play.

I knew a lot about the subject already, but her talk was interesting nevertheless.



What I mean is that...

Use 'What I mean is that' to explain a statement.

Examples with 'What I mean is that...'

What I mean is that people shouldn't rely on their feelings only.

What I mean is that now it is much easier to study.

What I mean is that we should teach our children to be patient.

What I mean is that the climate is not ideal, but I'm totally fine with that.



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