Here is a collection of recent 2022 quarter 3 IELTS Speaking Part 1 test questions from the Internet. These questions appeared in IELTS Academic and IELTS General exams in July 2022, August 2022, and September 2022. — Speaking 1 #1737
  1. Are you good at memorizing things?
  2. Have you ever forgotten something important?
  3. Why do some people have good memory while others do not?
  4. Why do more people rely on cell phones to memorize things?

Topic: Life 📖   Exam date: Aug 2022 — Speaking 1 #1725
  1. Do you own a car?
  2. How often do you use the car?
  3. Do you think it is necessary to learn how to drive?
  4. Are there a lot of traffic jams in your city?

Topic: Transport 📖   Exam date: Aug 2022 — Speaking 1 #1724
  1. Do you send emails often?
  2. Is sending emails widespread in your country?
  3. Do you think emails will be more or less prevalent in the future?
  4. How often do you write an email or cards?
  5. Do you like texting or emails?
  6. Do you prefer to have an email or a card for your birthday? Why?
  7. Do you think in the future, the email will replace the letter?

Topic: Media and Technology 📖   Exam date: Aug 2022 — Speaking 1 #1723
  1. Do you make plans every day?
  2. Is it easy to manage time?
  3. Do you think it's helpful to plan your time?
  4. Do you like being busy?
  5. Are you ever late for anything?
  6. Do you think children should learn to manage time?
  7. Do you think most people can manage their time well?

Topic: Life 📖   Exam date: Aug 2022 — Speaking 1 #1722
  1. Where is your hometown?
  2. Do you like your hometown? Why?
  3. How long have you been living in your hometown?
  4. Do you believe it is a proper place to grow up? Why
  5. How could your hometown be improved?
  6. Has your hometown changed much since you were a child?
  7. Is there good public transportation in your hometown?
  8. Will you be moving away from your hometown?

Topic: Places 📖   Exam date: Aug 2022

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