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Entertainment vocab — List of words and collocations

binge watching
catchy tune (n)
healing music (n)
I'm really into smth
memorable (adj)
never get old
overrated (adj)
what I just love about smth

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Entertainment vocab — Explanations & Examples

Idioms and collocations
binge watching — the practice of watching television for a long time span, usually a single tv show.
That was a peaceful weekend when I was chilling out by binge watching my favorite shows on my laptop.

Idioms and collocations
catchy tune (n) — melody, which is pleasing and easy to remember
Easily the most of their songs are very catchy tunes.

Idioms and collocations
healing music (n) — music which are able to improve your physical and emotional health
I also love hearing to some healing music online, which helps me to relieve stress.

Idioms and collocations
I'm really into smth — I'm very interested in smth
I'm really into live jazz music.

memorable (adj) — you remember it long after
That was memorable performance

Idioms and collocations
never get old — someone never gets sick of it, it never loses what made it interesting/charming to them
I love Pulp Fiction, this movie never gets old.

overrated (adj) — not as good as people say
Many friends recommend me to watch Avatar, bu I think it's an overrated film.

Idioms and collocations
what I just love about smth — what I really like in smth
What I just love about this band is its high energy and brilliant voices.


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