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Health and Diet vocab — List of words and collocations

a big eater
beat the record (v)
calisthenics (n)
cross-country skiing (n)
dietary requirements
drowsy (adj)
expiry date (n)
go down with
have a sweet tooth
I could eat a horse
lip balm (n)
nutrient (n)
potluck (n)
preservatives (n)
refreshed (adj)
savoury (adj)
soft drinks (n)
split the bill
spoil your appetite
staple diet/food (n)
stroke (n)
teetotal (adj)

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Health and Diet vocab — Explanations & Examples

Idioms and collocations
a big eater — a person who eats a lot and has big meals
I've never been a big eater, so obesity is definitely not the problem for me.

Health and Diet
Idioms and collocations
beat the record (v) — break the record, do smth better than anyone or anything else or to achieve something no other person or thing has achieved
I really into sports because I love to develop myself and to beat my own records.

Health and Diet
calisthenics (n) — gymnastic exercises to achieve bodily fitness and grace of movement
What I love about my town is that there are many calisthenics parks and public fitness areas.

Health and Diet
cross-country skiing (n) — a form of skiing where skiers rely on their own locomotion to move across snow-covered terrain (not mountain skiing)
I love running in summer and cross-country skiing in winter.

Health and Diet
Idioms and collocations
dietary requirements — special needs or things someone can't eat
We prefer to stay in apartments because our son has an allergy, so he has special dietary requirements.

Health and Diet
drowsy (adj) — sleepy; half asleep
When I wake up early at the morning I feel drowsy and can't work effectively.

Health and Diet
expiry date (n) — the date when food is no longer safe
The problem is that these days companies add too much chemical preservatives in food to extend the expiry date.

Health and Diet
Idioms and collocations
go down with — to catch an illness
I went down with terrible flu the day before my Math exam.

Health and Diet
Idioms and collocations
have a sweet tooth — love sweet things
I have a sweet tooth and always buy sugary snacks in that vending machine.

Health and Diet
Idioms and collocations
I could eat a horse — I'm very hungry
I was starving, I could eat a horse.

Health and Diet
lip balm (n) — special lipstick or a cream for sore or cracked lips
A layer of sun-protective lip balm is all it takes to prevent chapping.

Health and Diet
nutrient (n) — substance used by an organism to survive, grow, and reproduce
Some essential nutrients have no stores in the body, so we need regular supplies from food.

Health and Diet
potluck (n) — informal meal where guests bring a different dish and share it with the other guests
We had a potluck on Saturday in the park.

Health and Diet
preservatives (n) — substance used to preserve foodstuffs
As far as we don't want to consume too much chemical preservatives, we always check the ingredient list of any food we buy.

Health and Diet
refreshed (adj) — have new strength or energy
After a short nap in the middle of day I always feel refreshed.

Health and Diet
savoury (adj) — salty or spicy
When I'm hungry I prefer to eat something savoury, not sugary.

Health and Diet
Idioms and collocations
soft drinks (n) — cold drinks without alcohol
She is teetotal, she prefer soft drinks like cola or lemonade.

Health and Diet
Idioms and collocations
split the bill — each person will pay for him/herself
We usually split the bill when we have lunch together.

Health and Diet
Idioms and collocations
spoil your appetite — you're no longer hungry, because you ate smth before a meal
I don't allow my children to eat sugary snacks before a meal. I don't want them to spoil their appetite.

Health and Diet
Idioms and collocations
staple diet/food (n) — food which constitutes a dominant portion of a standard diet for a given people
Culture, climate, and trade are all factors that determine the staple food in any region.

Health and Diet
stroke (n) — sudden disabling attack caused by an interruption in the flow of blood to the brain
Treating obesity and high blood pressure can reduce the risk of stroke.

Health and Diet
teetotal (adj) — never drink alcohol
I'm not a big fan of pubs and bars. I'm teetotal.

Health and Diet

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