Practice IELTS speaking

It's easy. We offer 2 great instruments for you.

1. Practise Random IELTS Speaking topics - Part1, Part2, Part3

The slot tells you what topic you should choose (you can click "play again" button to restart the slot).

For example, if on Speaking Part1 the slot shows 5, 1 and 8: , you just answer any questions from topic 5 (Studies), topic 1 (You), and topic 8 (Home).


2. Practise Random IELTS SPEAKING exam -

3. Explore questions from recent IELTS exams -



Practice IELTS writing

1. Practise Random IELTS WRITING exam -

2. Explore questions from recent IELTS exams -




Scientists warn: The using of random questions on makes the process of exam preparation more effective and interesting.