Here are interesting words and collocations to use in your answers for IELTS topics about Work.


Work vocab β€” List of words and collocations

accountable to smb (adj)
be on the go
blue-collar workers
career prospects
holiday entitlement
lucrative (adj)
meet a deadline
obstacle (n)
overworked and underpaid
performance-related (adj)
put off (v)
the field of expertise (n)

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Work vocab β€” Explanations & Examples

accountable to smb (adj) β€” expected to explain your actions to smb
If you are a freelancer you're not accountable to anyone.

Idioms and collocations
be on the go β€” to be very busy or working all the time
Like most working mothers, she is always on the go.

Idioms and collocations
blue-collar workers β€” physical or low-skilled workers
Blue-collar workers are always in demand.

Idioms and collocations
career prospects β€” chances of promotion and future success
People should graduate universities to have better career prospects.

Idioms and collocations
holiday entitlement β€” number of days you have the right to take as holiday
Being a self-employed can be enticing, but self-employed people don't have stable income or any holiday entitlement.

lucrative (adj) β€” profitable
I've always been dreaming of a lucrative career in IT.

Idioms and collocations
meet a deadline β€” to finish something at the time
Journalists have to work very quickly in order to meet their deadlines.

obstacle (n) β€” a situation or event that makes it hard for you to achieve smth
Usually people have to overcome many obstacles in order to create a successful business.

Idioms and collocations
overworked and underpaid β€” work a lot for small salary (often uses as a humorous expression)
Most people think they are overworked and underpaid.

Idioms and collocations
performance-related (adj) β€” related to their success at doing their job
To achieve better efficiency government workers should be transferred to the performance-related pay scheme.

Idioms and collocations
put off (v) β€” postpone, procrastinate
My son always put off his homework to the last minute.

Idioms and collocations
the field of expertise (n) β€” area of knowledge
Relevant experience in the field of expertise always is considered an advantage.