Here is a collection of recent 2020 quarter 4 IELTS Speaking Part 3 test questions from the Internet. These questions appeared in IELTS Academic and IELTS General exams in October 2020November 2020, and December 2020. — Speaking 3 #1048
  1. What are the benefits of living in the cities?
  2. What are the problems that you find in the cities?
  3. What are the main changes in modern cities in the 10-year period?
  4. Will the size of the cities increase in the future?
  5. Do you think people will live in an extreme environment in the future?
  6. Do you think that people in the countryside are more friendly than people in the cities? Why?

Topic: Places 📖   Exam date: Oct 2020 — Speaking 3 #1047
  1. In what ways have families in your country changed recently?
  2. What are the benefits of younger and older generations living together?
  3. Do you think family relationships are important? Why?
  4. Do you think people should be responsible for their own parents?
  5. Which do you prefer most: support from family or support from friends? Why?

Topic: Family and Friends 📖   Exam date: Oct 2020 — Speaking 3 #1042
  1. Are there any environmental problems in your country? What are they?
  2. Are people concerned about environmental problems in your country?
  3. What is the world’s worst environmental disaster caused by humans?
  4. Do you think rivers have always been a dumping ground for unwanted waste in many cities?
  5. Do you think pollution problems will be less in the future?
  6. What should we do to protect the environment?

Topic: Environment 📖   Exam date: Oct 2020 — Speaking 3 #1032
  1. When do people change opinions?
  2. What reasons do people change their opinions usually?
  3. What reasons might people have for not wanting to give their opinions?
  4. Do you think social media can change people's opinions? Why?
  5. Who do people turn to for advice? Why?

Topic: Person 📖   Exam date: Oct 2020 — Speaking 3 #1031
  1. Is it important for us to have ambitions?
  2. What are the important qualities to achieve our ambitions?
  3. Why should parents encourage children to have ambitions?
  4. Should parents interfere with their children’s ambitions?
  5. Do you think without any ambition, our growth may come to a standstill? Why?
  6. Do you think recently people seem more ambitious than before? Why?
  7. Why do many people lose their ambition gradually as they grow up?

Topic: Person 📖   Exam date: Oct 2020