Here is a collection of recent 2020 quarter 1 IELTS Speaking Part 3 test questions from the Internet. These questions were at IELTS exams in April 2020, May 2020 and June 2020. — Speaking 3 #868
  1. Does the weather impact on people’s daily activities? Why?
  2. Why do people do different kinds of sports in different kinds of weather?
  3. What kind of weather do people in your area like?
  4. Do people talk about the weather when they meet for the first time?
  5. How weather forecast helps the farmer?
  6. Why is weather important to farmers?

Topic: Environment 📖   Exam date: May 2020 — Speaking 3 #864

Why it is difficult to choose gifts?

Are men and women different related to giving gifts?

What is the most common type of gifts in your country? Why?

Is it important to give a gift to someone that is important to them?


Topic: Relationships 📖   Exam date: Apr 2020 — Speaking 3 #858
  1. What should people do to protect the environment?
  2. Do you think industries should take responsibility for pollution?
  3. How does society react to pollution caused by industries?
  4. What can the industry do for the environment?
  5. Do you think international organizations or nationals have a responsibility to address environmental challenges?

Topic: Entertainment 📖   Exam date: Apr 2020 — Speaking 3 #854
  1. What type of home do people in your home town prefer to live in?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of old houses and new homes?
  3. What makes people want to live in the countryside?
  4. What are the reasons that people choose different cities?
  5. What kinds of environments are suitable for old people?

Topic: Places 📖   Exam date: Apr 2020